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2015 Best of Plantersville Award  
Last updated June 25, 2021

Horse Tales

Thomas the Bull (I’m Not an Engine)

I’m Thomas, the bull. I’m almost a year old and I love the ranch. It’s got everything—hay shade, water, hay, shelter, girls, hay, and CATTLE CUBES! I hang out around the tack and feed barn a lot, just in case a human sees me and I can be cute enough to earn a free snack. I do get pushy though—not as bad as Miss Piggy Melody, but almost. Watch your fingers and toes. I get so excited I might hurt you on accident. I enjoy evenings under the trees and mornings with the hay bale. Who doesn’t like to wake up next a hay bale? I haven’t started looking for a girlfriend yet, but I’m told spring is coming, so maybe then. I can’t wait for you to come and ride the horses! I like to laugh at them (horses) and steal their hay when they are tied up or being ridden. Gus hates it! Of course, he chases me to get back at me and I probably deserve it, too. We have a mutual love-hate, cow-horse relationship. Come hang out with us. Ride a horse?
It’ll be cool!
4 Me!

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