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2015 Best of Plantersville Award  
Last updated June 25, 2021

Horse Tales

Roo, Baby

“How do you do?” The name is Roo, R, double O, Roo. Gus and Bella were really long winded so I’ll keep this short. I was a show jumper and also did trail riding and helped with lessons—in California, baby. That’s right, I may sound and look English, but I am a refined, elegant, California girl. I wasn’t sunbaked, fake or prissy, like some Cali girls are, but I was well schooled in English and Western riding. I moved from northern Cali a few months before I met Gus. I had moved to Texas with my family on a job transfer. The trip was fun, but long. I enjoyed stable life near the Sam Houston Racetrack, but I grew tired of a stall, even as cozy as it was. I was sold as my owner lost her job and couldn’t keep me. Gus and Bella and I got along right off the bat. I did have a few choice words for that mare next door though. Dixie was bit sassy and seemed spoiled. Anyway, ranch life is cool. I miss the cozy barn and arena riding, but I hear they’re building an arena now and a barn when they can. Till then, I will continue to wear my blanket and snuggle up to my friends at night. I do love the stars! I’m getting to jump again as the Hensons put together some makeshift country jumps for me. Alex and I enjoy riding across the field together and long walks in the trees. I even enjoy the pond. I can’t wait for summer so I can learn to swim. Perhaps you will enjoy it too?
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