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2015 Best of Plantersville Award  
Last updated June 25, 2021

Horse Tales

Romantical Romeo

I am big, beautiful, romantical Romeo. One sight of me and the ladies all melt---and I steal their food! Ha! What did you expect? I’m gelded. I heard that means “hungry”, right? Anyway, I came from this English barn so Roo and I speak the same language. Gus is cool, but he is getting old, like really old. I’m his number two guy watching over our herd, but it won’t be long now. I’m getting smarter, braver, stronger, and starting to take more responsibility. I’ll be Alpha soon. Yup! I know---cool, huh? All this muscle and the ladies and the title, too, I can’t wait. Oh, yeah, about the ranch. It is amazing. Food everywhere, girls, cows (I hate cows; they try to eat my food) and my main man, Vic. He feeds me and I love him for it. When we ride out together, it’s cool. We go over Roo’s jumps with a single step, mosey along the pond’s edge, and watch the others work way too hard. Vic and I…we take it all in stride, a long easy stride. I’m so big and so strong I could pull out stumps, but that’s what the tractor’s for and I wouldn’t want to put it in unemployment. Besides, Debbie tells me I’m too beautiful! I love them both; just watch out for Niki. She is tricky. She can either be feeding you or working you. She makes me sweat, in a good way though. All the girls ogle over me. I am handsome! I am Romeo!
So, come, See Me
(and the ranch)
Gus made me say that!

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