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2015 Best of Plantersville Award  
Last updated June 25, 2021

Horse Tales

Melodic Mooing…

Melodic Mooing…
Moo, I’mmm MMMelody. MMM I live here too! I’m the bravest of the cows or perhaps just the hungriest. I’ll eat from the trough, bucket, or even your hand. I probably should have been named “Miss Piggy” because if there’s food involved or even if I think there might be, I get a little (ok a lot) pushy! I’m hungry—all the time! I can’t help it so excuse me while I eat, and watch your fingers because they look like food, too. I came to the ranch with a one-month-old son whose dad was a Brahma, I think, so my baby boy looks a little different from the herd, but I love him—and I also love music. Sing softly to me and I will come to you and probably follow you, too. Thomas and Harmony are my best friends—until food time—then it’s every cow for themselves. Me first!!! There is plenty of human food but you can’t share the cattle cubes—they’re reserved for me. (Okay, Gus, I’ll share if I have to! Sheesh, he is so pushy!”)
Bye, I Hear the Dinner Bell

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