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2015 Best of Plantersville Award  
Last updated June 25, 2021

Horse Tales

Bella, the Peacemaker

Hi, I’m Bella. Gus told me to introduce myself so here goes… I’m six years old, black and white, and I love peace. I wish everyone could just get along. I pretty much let the other horses take charge because I don’t think there is much worth fighting over. I’ve had a great life! I was a 4-H pet project. Boy, those were amazing days; hours of brushing, long baths, manicures, catching up on all my young human’s gossip. I was loved! Then something changed, and I was sold. My new owner was quite a bit older and loved me the best she could, but only had a tiny paddock of sand and didn’t feed me much. I was only there a year, but I got very lonely as I was the only horse and she didn’t spend much time with me. I was hungry all the time. One day, Niki came and she touched my forehead and it felt like my first home. It felt like love. I was a little nervous on the trip but after meeting my new family I was happy. Dixie, Niki’s Dad’s horse, didn’t like me much. After she pushed me through a fence, we all decided we should be kept separate. I was glad, but Dixie still talked ugly over the fence. One day Gus said, “Let’s go.” So we jumped in the trailer for an adventure and my life got even better. Instead of that little sand paddock I lived in just a month ago, we were now free to roam in an enormous pasture, covered from fence to fence with lush, beautiful grass!!! I have put all my weight back on and then some. I’m not too fat, but girl, I’m happy! My newest past time is riding with my boy, Caleb, around the ranch and teaching newcomers how to enjoy spending time with me. I’m amazed at how fun it is to enjoy all the kids who come to let me teach them about horses. So I hope you will come, too—see you at the ranch!

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