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2015 Best of Plantersville Award  
Last updated March 17, 2018

Horse Tales

Gucci, Not the Purse

They call be Gucci. I’m not your average breed rabbit—I’m bigger; I’m giant, a Flemish Giant. I’m one of the biggest rabbits that you have ever seen and sweet, too. I came from a rabbit farm, but I wasn’t breeding stock. I was a family pet. I lived inside and slept in my human’s bed for a time when I was small. As I got bigger, I moved outside and finally found my purpose. I am here to bring love and happiness to all the guests at the ranch. I love to have my fur stroked and my cheeks rubbed. Please—oh—please don’t pull my ears or pick me up by the nape of my neck like other rabbits. I’m much too big for that. I’m only a youngster—a year and half—and I won’t be full grown until I’m three, so I have a lot of growing left to do. Drop by often to see my progress.
Be My Friend and Play with Me?

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